In the fire protection industry, we must do our part to protect the water supply through the use of backflow prevention systems, which is why your fire suppression system needs to utilize backflow preventers. While preventing contaminated or toxic water from flowing backwards into a municipality’s water distribution, they may also prevent your sprinkler system from achieving full water flow demand.


If your backflow preventers need inspecting, give the experts at Fire Tech Fire Protection a call. Our skilled technicians will test your backflow prevention system to ensure it is equipped to protect your home or business in the event of a fire!


Backflow prevention devices are intended to prevent contaminated sprinkler water from going into your drinking water. These devices need proper testing and maintenance in order to operate efficiently and the tests must be conducted annually to ensure they meet the system demand. According to NFPA 25, your backflow preventer must undergo two types of testing:


Forward Flow Test

Backflow Testing



At Fire Tech Fire Protection, we provide both forward flow testing and backflow testing for your backflow prevention systems. If you’re interested in scheduling backflow preventer tests in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas, call us today to learn more!


Backflow Prevention Inspection & Testing in Alberta


If you’re looking for a reputable company to inspect and test your fire sprinkler system’s backflow preventers in both residential and commercial establishments, contact Fire Tech Fire Protection. Our highly trained technicians are ready to test your system and provide effective backflow preventer maintenance to bring it back to code! Call us today to schedule your backflow preventer inspection or testing!




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